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W​e're very excited to announce the addition of a 24/7 parts ordering website that features a full-line catalog focusing on parts for our Braun, Demers, and Crestline brands of ambulances! Commonly requested parts will be kept in stock at our headquarters in Centerton, Arkansas, complete with GUARANTEED shipping within 24 hours!

This is just another way we're looking out for the best interests of our customers and striving for 100% satisfaction! Click here to see our new website - an innovative and more efficient way to order quality parts.


Jason was added to Pinnacle in 2020 to assist in the service side of our business. He holds multiple ASE and EVT Certifications, and also has many years of experience in the emergency vehicle industry. We're extremely happy to have Jason joining us on Team Pinnacle!

Here at Pinnacle, we're always looking to build relationships across our territory in order to better serve our customer base. One unique way we do that is partnering with strategically located Service and Warranty centers throughout our sales area. If your service center would be interested in working on premium emergency vehicles in order to fill the needs of our customers, fill out the Service and Warranty Center form. We will respond within 24 hours with a followup to your response. Pinnacle Emergency Vehicles would be happy to consider you as one of our partners in service!

Interested in becoming a Service and Warranty Center?

Premium Products deserve Premium Service.

Even the Best-of-the-Best products need a little TLC once in a while. That's why, in addition to our Northwest Arkansas Sales & Service Facility, Pinnacle Emergency Vehicles has partnered with strategically located Service & Warranty Centers throughout our coverage area to ensure your emergency vehicle is taken care of when needed.

Pinnacle Emergency Vehicles truly believes that our premium products

deserve premium service. In order to live up to that belief, we upfitted a 

fully-equipped Mobile Service Unit. This allows us to rapidly respond to

your service needs, without even needing to leave the station.

For more information on Service and Warranty Centers for Braun,

Demers, Crestline, or Pinnacle Remounts near you, or for a quick fix from our 

mobile service unit, give us a call!

A J's Automotive: 13 Colorado Ave, Columbia, MO 65203

More Coming Soon...

PEV Headquarters: 201 Commercial St, Centerton, AR 72719

partsforambulances.com | link

Service and

Warranty Centers


Service & Parts


A vital and extremely valuable member of our team, Devin joined Pinnacle in 2018 as our Service and Parts Manager. Not only did Devin bring with him years of emergency vehicle experience, he also holds numerous ASE and EVT Certifications.

Rescue Repair: 3742 Majestic Dr, Festus, MO 63028

To schedule a visit with one of our partnered service/warranty centers, or if you need assistance from our mobile response unit, give us a call at (479) 224-8270. You can also fill out a form on the Contact Us page. We'll be sure to make sure your service is completed quickly and proficiently.