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Medwerks Remounts

Advantages of a Remount

There are many advantages when you choose to remount an ambulance rather than buying a new unit altogether. The biggest three reasons you should do this are if:

-You're on a strict, smaller budget

-You have time restraints that require a new ambulance quick

-You want comprehensive, custom options 

By taking a close look at the graphic, you can gain more specific information about why remounting an ambulance may be the right choice for you. Beyond what is on the graphic, improvements can be made on the hardware, interior lighting, flooring, climate control, and safety areas on your unit. All of these combined helps to create a like-new ambulance for a fraction of the cost.

World Class Products.

Unmatched Quality.

Pinnacle Emergency Vehicles is proud to represent Braun, Demers, Crestline, and Medwerks. We truly believe that these brands are the best ambulance manufacturers on the market, in a variety of price ranges and specifications. Think you can't afford a new ambulance? Think again. We'll help you out every step of the way to make sure you're choosing the product that best fits your service's needs.

Premium Quality Remounts. Affordable Prices.

From simple chassis swaps to complete full refurbishments, Medwerks offers premium quality remounts of all ambulance brands. A dedicated team with over 150 years of combined experience will ensure that your current ambulance module is brought back to new condition following OEM guidelines and quality standards. Pinnacle is proud to represent Medwerks Remounts in the states of Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma!​​