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The flagship of the Demers product line, the MX170 is quickly becoming the choice of Fire Departments and EMS agencies needing a highly-optioned, configurable module, built with strength, durability, and longevity in mind.  Offered on Ford F-450 or Ram 4500 chassis, the 170" module provides plenty of storage and work space for even the most demanding departments.  A split ducted HVAC system helps keep the patient compartment comfortable and Liquid Spring suspension (standard on each model) provides the absolute best ride possible.  For more information on the MX170 by Demers, contact us today!

Sprinter EX

MXP 150

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Introducing the newest model in the Demers product lineup, the Transit TS.  This sleek new model offers more standard features than any other Transit on the market.  As with every Demers model,  crew and patient safety is at the forefront of the design incorporating aluminum cabinetry, advanced restraints, and OEM structural reinforcements.  The Transit TS features an integrated streamlined roof cap to compliment the design curves of the Transit chassis.  For more information or an on-site demonstration, give us a call today! 

Packed with standard features, the Demers MX170 simply cannot be beat!  Built on a Ford E-450 or Chevy G-4500 chassis, the MX170 is a premium unit that will provide your crew with the utmost in safety, ergonomics, and durability.  As with every Demers unit, aluminum cabinetry and multiplex electrical system is standard.  LED warning, scene, compartment, interior, and cabinet lights are also all standard!  Need a customized interior to meet your needs?  The MX170 is for you!

MX 170

Pinnacle Emergency Vehicles is excited to be the authorized dealer for Demers Ambulances in Missouri, Kansas, and now in Arkansas!  For over 55 years, Demers has been engineering, innovating, and assembling premium ambulances that offer strong, fuel-efficient, ergonomically designed features.  With seven feature-packed models to choose from, Pinnacle can show you why so many EMS services Demand Safety.  Demand Demers.


The Demers Sprinter EX is truly unmatched in the industry.  Built on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis, the Demers EX is the only Sprinter Type 2 on the market to feature aluminum cabinetry and multiplex electrical system STANDARD on every unit.  Why shouldn't your Type 2 be built to the same durable standards as larger modular units?  With the Demers Sprinter EX it will!  Multiple configurations are available including standard squad bench design, or curbside attendant seat with workstation design.

Transit TS

If you're looking for a premium Type 1 unit at an affordable price, the MX150 by Demers might be what you need!  Offered on a multitude of chassis including Ford F-350, Ford F-450, Ram 4500, and even Chevy/GMC 3500HD platforms, the MX150 is the most versatile Type 1 offering on the market.  Incorporating all of Demers' standard features, as well as a many options and configurations, the MX150 is a model that is hard to beat.  Interested in checking out an MX150 in person?  Give us a call today for an on-site demonstration!

MXP 170

MX 152

Built on the Mercedes Sprinter cutaway chassis, the MX152 by Demers provides the extra work room of a modular body while still allowing all of the benefits of the Sprinter chassis such as improved fuel-economy, superior visibility while driving, and the dependability of the Mercedes diesel engine. The 152" long modular body with 72" of interior headroom is available with either a squad bench design or curbside captain's chair and workstation providing a great solution for services looking for a diesel Type 3 platform.

MX 164

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Long considered the workhorse of the Demers product lineup, the MX164 offers a feature-rich base model available on a Ford E-450 or Chevy G-4500 chassis.  With multiple configurations to choose from and countless options, the MX164 is a great model to consider.  Priced to compete with lower quality, mass-produced manufacturers, the MX164 offers a truly high-end product at a mid-market budget.  Give us a call today to see how Pinnacle can help you trade up to a Demers MX164!