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Pinnacle Emergency Vehicles is proud to represent Braun, Demers, Crestline, and Medwerks. We truly believe that these brands are the best ambulance manufacturers on the market, in a variety of price ranges and specifications. Think you can't afford a new ambulance? Think again. We'll help you out every step of the way to make sure you're choosing the product that best fits your service's needs. Click on the logos below for information on models, pricing, and much more!

​Demand Demers.

The Demers EX Sprinter stands alone in the Type II category, thanks to its unique aerodynamic front cab riser. It features Demers' unmatched ergonomic safety features, plus details that have set new standards in an industry where every detail matters.

Overall Length: 243"

​Headroom: 76"

Chassis Options: Sprinter Van 2500 with High Roof

Offering the right combination of size, space, and power, the Demers Ford Transit Ambulance has a long list of standard features that sets it apart from the rest. Inside, the vehicle offers a comfortable interior with maximized storage for medical equipment.

Overall Length: 236"

​Headroom: 69"

Chassis Options: Ford Transit T-250 or T-350

The Demers MX 164 Type III Ambulance is Demers' workhorse. This model offers best in class safety and ergonomics, reduced maintenance, and multiple choices for layout and features. The Demers MX 164 is rugged, reliable, and durable.

​Module Length: 164"

​Headroom: 72"

Chassis Options: Chevy G3500, 4500, Ford E350, E450

Demers - A Legacy

Demers, as we know the company today, began in 1960 in Beloeil, Quebec, Canada. It was formed for the unique purpose of building high-quality ambulances - something they continue to this day. As a relatively new manufacturer to the US, Demers has become a welcome addition to the premium emergency vehicle market. In 2015, they celebrated 55 years of success in the industry, with over 18,000 ambulances sold in over 20 countries. With a history as rich and decorated as Demers', there's no question that you can trust any Demers product to stick with you for quite some time. 

Never Compromise

Pinnacle is excited to be the authorized dealer for Demers Ambulances in Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma! For over 55 years, Demers has been engineering, innovating, and assembling premium ambulances that offer strong, fuel-efficient, ergonomically-designed features. With many feature-packed models to choose from, Pinnacle can show you why so many EMS services Demand Demers.​

The other Type I in our lineup, the Demers MXP 170 gives you more versatility and interior head room to respond to any type of call.  The MXP 170 Ambulance also comes equipped with exclusive standard features, including LED lighted cabinets, adjustable ALS cabinets, and much more.

​Module Length: 170"

​Headroom: 72"

Chassis Options: Ford F450, F550, Dodge 4500, 5500, Freightliner M2

To learn more about what separates Demers from other ambulance manufacturers, click here.

The Demers MX 170 is a full-size Type III ambulance that offers a very roomy interior for extensive medical equipment and an optimal ergonomic work environment for EMS personnel. This ambulance is built for maximum storage without compromising structural integrity.

​Module Length: 170"

​Headroom: 72"

Chassis Options: Chevy G4500, Ford E450

Demers Ambulances

The Demers MXP 150 Type I Ambulance is built to handle a wide range of conditions and combines a rugged exterior with top-of-the-line design details. From its features to its functionality, Demers MXP 150 Ambulance is ready to elevate your patient care experience.

​Module Length: 150"

​Headroom: 72"

Chassis Options: Chevy 3500, Ford F350, F450, Dodge 4500, 5500