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Advantages of a Remount

There are many advantages when you choose to remount an ambulance rather than buying a new unit altogether. The biggest three reasons you should do this are if:

-You're on a strict, smaller budget

-You have time restraints that require a new ambulance quick

-You want comprehensive, custom options 

By taking a close look at the graphic, you can gain more specific information about why remounting an ambulance may be the right choice for you. Beyond what is on the graphic, improvements can be made on the hardware, interior lighting, flooring, climate control, and safety areas on your unit. All of these combined helps to create a like-new ambulance for a fraction of the cost.

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Quality, Safety, Innovation..."Built for Life" 

Pinnacle Emergency Vehicles is proud to be the authorized Braun ambulance dealer in Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma!  For over 45 years Braun has been exceeding customer expectations by engineering, manufacturing, and delivering premium emergency medical vehicles.  With six models to choose from, let Pinnacle show you why Braun ambulances are truly "Built for Life".

Never Compromise

Pinnacle is excited to be the authorized dealer for Demers Ambulances in Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma! For over 55 years, Demers has been engineering, innovating, and assembling premium ambulances that offer strong, fuel-efficient, ergonomically-designed features. With seven feature-packed models to choose from, Pinnacle can show you why so many EMS services Demand Demers.​


World Class Safety and Innovation

Here at Pinnacle, we're very excited about this new brand and product. In October 2019, Crestline Coach unveiled the all new CCL-150 Type III ambulance. This innovative and affordable product offers a variety of features and advantages that go unmatched in the emergency vehicle industry. If you're unsure, let us show you why we're so excited to represent Crestline Coach and the brand new CCL-150 Type III.

Highlighting Braun

One of the key features of Braun Ambulances is their

commitment to quality and safety. To support this commitment, they completed the industry's first rollover module crash testing. The rollover test created minor exterior body damage at the points of impact, but there was absolutely no interior penetration into the occupant area. Braun has a long history of leading the industry in innovation and safety, and this is just one of the ways they continue to do so. Watch the video for yourself, and see why so many people choose to drive "Braun Strong".

Demers - A Legacy

Demers, as we know the company today, began in 1960 in Beloeil, Quebec, Canada. It was formed for the unique purpose of building high-quality ambulances - something they continue to this day. As a relatively new manufacturer to the US, Demers has become a welcome addition to the premium emergency vehicle market. In 2015, they celebrated 55 years of success in the industry, with over 18,000 ambulances sold in over 20 countries. With a history as rich and decorated as Demers', there's no question that you can trust any Demers product to stick with you for quite some time. 

Premium Quality Remounts. Affordable Prices.

From simple chassis swaps to complete full refurbishments, Medwerks offers premium quality remounts of all ambulance brands. A dedicated team with over 150 years of combined experience will ensure that your current ambulance module is brought back to new condition following OEM guidelines and quality standards. Pinnacle is proud to represent Medwerks Remounts in the states of Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma!​​

World Class Products.

Unmatched Quality.

Pinnacle Emergency Vehicles is proud to represent Braun, Demers, Crestline, and Medwerks. We truly believe that these brands are the best ambulance manufacturers on the market, in a variety of price ranges and specifications. Think you can't afford a new ambulance? Think again. We'll help you out every step of the way to make sure you're choosing the product that best fits your service's needs. Click on the logos below for information on models, pricing, and much more!

The CCL-150 Type III

​The CCL-150 Type III ambulance is based on three core values: safety, durability, and value. To back up these values, the CCL-150 comes standard with numerous features that set this product apart from anything else in the industry. These standard features include:

​- Aluminum Extruded Body Construction

​- Aluminum Cabinets

​- Duel Entry Step

​- CrestClean Antimicrobial Coating

- CrestCoat: Lifetime Warranty on Powder Coat

​- Multiplex Electrical System

- Flush Mount Windows

- 4" Radius Corners for Improved Fuel Efficiency

​- Easy to Remount When the Time Comes

​- Extremely Competitive Pricepoint

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